Transfer of Credits

Ministry Experience is so valuable. The lessons you have learned in life are honored and translated into credits. Instead of learning something you already know, you can learn something new.

Send us all your accomplishments and certificates such as Ministries you have done, Mission trips conducted or participated, Books Authored, taught in any Schools and everything you have done for the Lord. We will evaluate and let you know how many credits can be transferred towards your curriculum. This will speed up your studies and can earn the certificates faster. But no diplomas or degrees can be awarded based upon life-experience alone.

All applicants should have a High School Diploma or GED before enrolling in one of our academic programs. If you do not have a school diploma, please let us know.

We accept all forms of payment methods like Cash, Cashiers Checks, credit cards, checks, money gram, western union, Pay pal etc as acceptable forms of payment.

College of Theological Seminary is working under Vision International University, Inc, approved as a 501c (3) organization by the Federal Government and Internal Revenue Service. We are an Inter-denominational Christian Leadership Institute with the mission of training and equipping the Pastors and Christian Lay leaders of any Age, Race, Color, national and ethnic origin, with a biblical and practical education empowering them to apply and proclaim the word of God and to be effective in the Ministry. We are not competing with the secular education and the degrees and the employment opportunities.

We reserve the right to disqualify whose moral beliefs, ethical standards and practices and / or lifestyle choices are in conflict with the Word of God.
Our sole purpose is to train leaders for religious vocations only as ministers or laypersons in the field of theology. We are not accepting any governmental grants or financial aid.