Honorary Doctor

From Middle English doctor, doctour “an expert, authority on a subject” from Anglo-Norman doctour from Latin doctor (“teacher”) from doceō (“I teach”). Displaced native Middle English lerare “doctor, teacher” (from Middle English leren “to teach, instruct” from Old English lǣran, lēran “to teach, instruct, guide”, compare Old English lārēow “teacher, master”), or a person who has special knowledge or talents. Many have served in various Ministry positions and became rich with lots of knowledge and experience in their fields, but do not have any formal certificate.

We would like to honor those who had gained real life Ministry experience by offering an Honorary Degree showing that they earned enough experience to become experts in their fields.

We welcome the opportunity to receive Recommendations and Nominations of persons in the ministry who deserve the Special Recognition and Honor of receiving an Honorary Degree.

The applicant must meet the criteria established by the College Of Theological Seminary and Vision International University., The Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree (D.D) will be conferred upon Ministers, Christian Leaders or Public Servants who have made significant contributions in their respective fields or for the extension of God’s Kingdom in one of our Conferences. You can contact us for the details of the next conference.

College Of Theological Seminary Inc. does not sell its Honorary Degrees, however there is a suggested donation amount. All Honorary Degrees are awarded solely for the accomplishments and contributions that a person has made.  

The Applicant should meet the following Criteria:

Must be 40 years old     must have 15 years of Ministry experience

The following documents should be submitted for evaluation: 

  • List your qualifications and why you believe you or the candidate should receive the     Honorary Doctorate, in two pages,
  • Copies of your degrees, certificates. Licenses and other documentation
  • 2 recent pictures
  • 2 page summary of your resume/ accomplishments
  • References / Endorsements of three Ordained Ministers or prominent church leaders
  • 100 page essay / research paper on one of the following topics:
  1. Five-Fold Ministry
  2. Revival through the Centuries
  3. Life of Christ
  4. Church Growth
  5. Evangelism
  6. Theology